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Thread: Tech + Woodie = Performance

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    Tech + Woodie = Performance

    I think Tech should've performed @ the woodie's this year. He had the lime light for less than 3 minutes and I think he would have killed it like he always does.... And don't say o0o Tech was to drunk cause if he had to perform then he wouldn't have been drunk. lol. NexXxt year Tech should blow up the mic tho, Who's with me ?

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    Senior Member Kellie Koll's Avatar
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    I'm with ya! Show them MTV folk how to really perform live!

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    I'm with that. For real, Tech should of performed. MTV are bitches anyways. Show no love for Tech much, but yeah he would of killed it.

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    yeaH CUz the clipse and rick ross was dumb and tech won a award so wtf is what i thought

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    clipse I ain't feelin' at all like I love all hip-hop & rap but rappin bout popeyes or w/e and ross is wack he had one good song Boss wit t-pain and cam'ron was hot like uhhh 5 yrs ago ? lol...... Technicians as a whole should start demanding more Tech Play , More Tech Everything, na wait MORE STRANGE

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