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Thread: Whos the true founder?

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    Whos the true founder?

    Many rappers have many different s and many rappers take from many different s. So my questions is, who truly invented the s rappers use today.

    Tech N9ne - Is Krizz Kaliko copying Tech or other way around or jointly created?

    Eminem - Only people I think that copy Eminem and do it well are Hopsin and Cognito.

    Brotha Lynch Hung - Does anyone really copy his ?

    Im not saying the artists are complete copy cats, just so no one misunderstands.

    Feel free to extend this topic if you deem it so.

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    There's no real true founder of rap. Rap has a lot of blues/jazz roots, these guys helped almost develop the foundation for rap. Then it was many people who helped to further develop rap from the basic rigid way it used to be, such as Melle Mel, KRS-One, Kool Moe Dee, Chuck D, Rakim, Big Daddy Kane. It's basically that list that you could claim as "founders" because they were the ones who originally changed the complexity and rhymes to a higher level.

    But you get guys like Eminem, Tech N9ne etc... That have used what they learnt from the old school guys along with their own twist to create a slightly new flow or delivery or to differentiate themselves from any other rapper, past or present.

    Really unless you're one of the early 80's rappers then in some way you're biting someone else's in at least some aspect, but that's not a bad thing, just the evolution of rap and lyricism.

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