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Thread: Radio Time

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    Radio Time

    So, I'm comin home from a high-ride and got Tech N9ne's Killer in and when I get home as I'm parkin I take the CD out and Whats on the Radio but LEAVE ME ALONE!!! all the way down here in New Mexico anyone else happening to hear Tech on the radio....

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    pretty bad ass.

    the infection is spreading.

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    Yeah he is played up here in Utah quite a bit and has been for a few years.

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    Nah man..They play the same ol rotation of mainly bullshit around here.

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    They only play mainstream top 40 ish here in DC.....

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    I've heard Rednose and Leave Me Alone a few times here in Boise. They played Rednose only because he was here that day I think...Lol Either way it was cool.

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    not out here i havent yet...but thats cuz since they play the same bullshit gucci mane songs over and over again i dont really listen to the radio

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    yup up here by kc i heard it and thought i was playin the cd. it was the first time my mom heard the song too.

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    i stopped listenin to da radio n jus bumpin my cd's so i wudnt know...most likely no.

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