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Thread: yo i got a serious question here

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    yo i got a serious question here

    at the end of yukmouths song "somebody gone die 2 nite" does 2pac shout out tech n9ne? it go something like this " my nigga yukmouth, my nigga tech n9ne, we bustin on yall bitch ass niggaz till da sun shine, we dont know why you niggaz did what you did but you niggaz did it............ etc." i was juz trying to clear this up is that actually pac shouting out tech?

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    Sounds like it.

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    yea he does, its pretty clear bro

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    its not tupac its a cheap counterfeit who calls himself "the realest" kinda ironic since they are dissing master p for stealing pac's or whatever, "YALL BEEN BAMBOOZLED"

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    and now heres a few words where the outlawz diss the same dude that you all just heard on the yukmouth track.
    kinda confusing isnt it???

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    fuckin rediculous isnt it???heres another track where we will witness some of the same copy cat shit from the so called "realest"

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    Damn I didn't know that shit, that's crazy.

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    it's not 2pac,it's a copy cat,i've read on n off,about sighting's of 2pac being alive,this clown belong's n vegas,as a side show.

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