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Thread: Final album idea?

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    Final album idea?

    Just a thought I've been having..What if for tech's last album he goes on the idea for the song that he wanted for Nas(the rise and fall of yall) and turns it into a whole album. In this album he would get big named features such as Eminem, Nas, Jay-Z, Kanye, and all of the legendary hip hop artists he has wanted to work with. It would be a type of collabos album but of legendary status. He could set this album up for years down the road which would give him more than enough time to collect the features and focus on deep lyrical verses. This would show everyone who doubted him that he could hang with the big dogs. Just a thought..late at gentle..

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    I would like to see a collaboration with Carlos Coy(SPM);i would cry if that would happen.

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    Ok not to sure what the big fascination is with Tech getting on track with all these "legendary rappers." I've listened to all of the named rappers and more for some time now and I would still be checking out the track because Tech is on it. I guess I am just happy with hearing Tech ( or any of STANGE Music's artists ) rapping with anyone.

    Anyways.... if there is a new collabos album in the making, I push an all STRANGE collabos, there's a new roster that needs a finishing touch to a wicked year. As for an idea for Tech, I was listening to something else and was thinking of how he divides his albums, like Fire, Water and Earth or Anger, Madness and the hole. He could use Black, White and Red, might be a bit obvious at first but plenty of symbolism there to marinate on...

    oh and this whole last album thing, if 2pac can release albums after his death you know tech's got to a have a fucked up after death album written up HAHA... and if he doesn't, should maybe think on that.. could be epic, just saying...probably some heavy shit to write down (and never perform), even as I am thinking of what to say here I feel like I might cross the line of what I would hope for in an album but I think of "letter to my unborn child" and his whole infatuation with heaven and helI or the super natural, i see that perfect opportunity to leave something behind, maybe something that you might not have to courage to say when breathing, your last message, thoughts, crazy personal I know but for some reason my mind drifted to the idea. blame it on the rain out side I don't know. Not many people get the chance to leave something big behind for the world, in my opinion he already has an insane legacy to leave behind but its that little bit extra, right.

    don't die, Have a nice day

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    Fuck SPM, he is whack as fuck id be disappointed if tech did a track with him, maybe lil rob but he isnt even that good

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    Why is everyone on SPM's dick? Dude is a complete scumbag and he's not even that good

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    I like the black white and red concept. Technicians we are. But I really have thought "wow, some day Tech will retire" But then i cant find any logic behind it. Alucard everlasting. The current roster is sick and strange has grown rapidly the past few years. IT GOES UP!

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    My fascination with Tech fucking with these legendary rappers in because they're legendary for a reason.

    Eminem - Even if he wasn't famous and known. He is considered one of the best for a reason...cuz he is.

    Nas - Same thing.

    Jay I could care less about.

    Tech on a Kanye beat like I Can't Stop,Flashing Lights...epic.

    But the biggest reason why at this point is beyond the track that I would get.

    It's because TECH IS LEGENDARY and he deserves that godamn recognition that comes artists of this rank.

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    I'm not saying that he shouldn't do a track with those artists, just every time I look its always the same people mentioned. I get it there good, not doubting anyone's skill or nothing I just think there is a lot of names being left out. Eminem has needed to do a track with tech since pyscho bitch came though.. lol just though of tech rapping backwards with Jonathan Davis doing his weird random sounds back and forth for a verse... doesn't need to happen but funny none the less.. I never hear Ludacris which I think would be fantastic, but I think Mos Def and possibly Damian Marley could make some interesting music. and while we are shooting at stars lets through Pantera in the mix.. RESPECT!!.. WALK!!

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    Kanye beat >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> Kanye verse

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    I dont understand the fasination with some of these guys you all call legandary rappers. I could understand doing a track with Eminem or NAS but Jay-Z and Kayne are bogus. Maybe its because I'm older then some but to me some of these guys are was terrible as lil wayne and what not. I would understand if it was just someone he *wanted* to do a track with but c'mon. Most of these guys make garbage music to appeal to the masses. Tech has made himself off the underground and has done WELL for it. Everyone act like hes still getting no play on anything. MTV has dedicated segiments to him & strange music, he's been on BET, MISSION ACCOMPLISHED! As far as people I have stated I would like to see him do tracks with, Jedi Mind Tricks or Army of the Pharrohs (yes i know its the same), Immortal Technique, even Mystikal. He's done the twista thing and that was another I always wanted to see just because. Not to mention I would even like to see Grant RICE pop back up into the mix just because I liked em. Theres my 2 cents... do what you will with it!

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