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Thread: Pacquiao vs. Mayweather!!!

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    Pacquiao vs. Mayweather!!!

    muthafuckin fight signed bitches!!! March 14th 2010!!! Pacquiao's gunna end Mayweathers undefeated streak yadada mean!? fuck yes I cant wait! this is the real dream match.

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    man youre crazy if you think pacman can fuck with mayweather,its gonna look just like mayweather vs.marquez

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    Senior Member JJ diaz's Avatar
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    As much as id like pacqiiao to win i think its gon go to long as its a bad ass fight ill b happy cuz to b honest i dont like either of em

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    I hope Floyd's lames ass gets KO'd he is a fuckin punk.

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    I CANT STAND Mayweather...
    come on Pacquiao!

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    im putting my cash on MONEY..
    <p ="text-align: left;">

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    Pacquiao better call in Big Show lol

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    pac man is gonna whoop his ass just like hatton mayweather is just a shit talker come on he couldnt knock out de la hoya even when he was past his time

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    Bob aram (pac's promoter) flew to the phiilipines today to get pac to sign the paperwork

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    Hell Ya I dont care who wins I wanna see a good fight but I would love to see Mayweather get beat

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