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Thread: yo, pray 4 me....

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    Jan 2009

    yo, pray 4 me....

    ay yall pray 4 me that my drug test comes back clean so i can smoke it up 4 da holidayz!!!!!

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    Senior Member TechNette's Avatar
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    Oct 2009
    if it comes back dirty u can still smoke for the holidays.......and after!!!

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    thats not something u pray 4!!

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    Senior Member B-rent's Avatar
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    ur an idiot

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    I aint prayin for you. If you cant stay clean, your a dipshit. I smoked weed every single day until I got put on papers, and I haven't smoked since. Its not hard. No one feels sorry for you.

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    Im going to pray that you dont go to hell for asking however many people who read this thread to waste gods time

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    Senior Member B-rent's Avatar
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    Oct 2008
    this guy is prolly one of the faggots that make a thread then never read it. dunno why i even wasted my time replying to this...

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    youre a dumbass, but i know where your at, i use to be one to
    take 4 jello packets but them in a cup mix it with a half a cup of viniger and a half a cup of pickle juice, then crush up some niacin and mix it in, and youll pass.
    it taste like shit and youll feel like shit but oh well.

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    Some UA's test for niacin aswell. If ya' can't stop smokin' weed for a piss test then you have no business hitn the green. Givn stoners a bad name.

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