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Thread: New Slaughterhouse single "Goodbye"

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    New Slaughterhouse single "Goodbye"

    Awesome song, Crooked's verse was the best IMO. Cool Tech got his name dropped by another artist as well.

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    You aren't affiliated with Strange.

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    ^ Point being?

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    Quote Originally Posted by sean diego

    You aren't affiliated with Strange.

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    since the mixtape is out ill just stick to that until the album leaks next week.

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    y would you give us a shitty link?

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    Didn't mean to give a shitty link. I bought the single on iTunes, I was just putting my opinions on the song out. Figured Id put a link up as well.

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    I think the song is raw as fuck

    and dig the tech n9ne shout out they threw in there

    Slaughterhouse always delivers Crooked I verse was moving

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