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Thread: Tech N9ne should rock HEMPFEST

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    Tech N9ne should rock HEMPFEST

    Tech is in Seattle every single year for a decade.

    Potluck is doin a show at Hempfest tomorrow.

    There is a projected 200,000 people there over the weekend, with three stages and yeah that mother was packed!!

    There's always some cool bands...but no one ever really that big.. with the ammount of people there I always kinda wondered, why not.?

    And despite the monster gathering there's never a fight or riot because EVERYONE is smoking pot. The police are there but after goin for close to ten years I've never once see them harass anyone,I'm guessin because they don't want a riot of close to a quarter million people...or should I say 100,00 at a time.

    I know Tech doesn't really have any songs about smokin dro, but he's the best to rock a crowd and what bigger crown is there to rock? Tech's the man to jump on anything when it comes to networking or attracting more of an audiance.

    I think Tech rockin Hempfest the third weekend of Augest 2013 would be priceless.

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    I think it'd be dope. And maybe it'd open a door for a TECH N9NE/REAL ONE collab. Different s no doubt but it'd boost REALs exposure for sure.

    *Im assuming REAL will be there (maybe all of the CALI SOULDIERS) he's usually at the canabis events. Just did a spread in HIGHTIMES and won an award for something.

    Gotta support the hometown homies.

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    First off, I wanna say how sick that fuckin is that Potluck is playing tomorrow. With that being said, as far as tech performing at hempfest, that would be fucking amazing, definitely the right kind of artist whether he smokes weed or not. But I was talkin to my boy earlier about it, and the answer is yes! There should be a sick lineup of dope musicians, including maybe tech one day. But if they did that then they'd have to charge at least 5 or 10 bucks to get in. Which would be perfectly fine with me, the only problem with that is that the same thing that happened to bumbershoot could happen, where they start jacking up the price every year til eventually nobody wants to go anymore

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    I think the way they have it set up would hold strong. It's free to get in like you mention, but they do ask for 10dollar donations at the entrance. And with the cause being what it is people are eager to donate. I do every year. I'm sure people understand not everyone can donate just like everyone can't buy the latest Strange Album. But there's definitely enough to still eat. And more so I think the wealth gained from just doing the show itself for the people would be well worth the efforts Tech and Strange. I wouldn't mind hearing Lynch do some of the Loaded album either considering it's like the best smoking album of all time!

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    i agree with everyone so far

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