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Thread: new Bone thugs snipps

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    I bin to 2 btnh shows n each time bizzy isnt there...the 1st one was krayzie(whos my fav) wish n layzie which was ight .. But for their reunion show it was flesh , layzie n wish n their hits were hella short cuz flesh isnt on a lot of em.. I think 1st of da month was like 2 min long...iono jus had to let out my frustration especialy since for da reunion show they were all suppose to b there

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    Yeah they always got some bullshit going down with their shows..Not checkin the snippets, I just wanna wait till the official release comes out to give a listen, BTNH tend to let down a lot now-a-days..and hopefully that Tech N9ne and Twista callabo is on the album.

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    Its gonna be a ic!!

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