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Thread: Crooked I: " Tech N9ne killed me on my own ish"

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    Crooked I: " Tech N9ne killed me on my own ish"

    Slaughter house guys made a video about Payed Dues festival that went on back in march, where crooked I said tech killed him on his own shit.

    i know crooked I was on sickology 101, but i havent been able to find this crooked I song they are talking about.

    anyone have any insight on this?

    im a huge crooked I fan (second fav rapper behind Tech) and would love to hear somethin else with both of them on it.

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    it will be on crooked i's album wenever it releases....the song is called blahmers and burners....not out yet btw

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    damn man, good lookin.

    any rumors when this albums supposed to drop?

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    lmao 20 syllables a second

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