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Thread: best thing you ever heard!

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    best thing you ever heard!

    not really...... make fun of it if ya want.
    it's supposed to be the kod tour intro. i still have to put in krizz's intro part, adjust the volume on the base "thump", and try to get rid of at least some of the who you came to see instrumental. it's a ruff copy. been bored today and i wanted to push my abilities and learn some new stuff with fl studio and audacity so i thought i would make this. if anybody thinks they can improve this i'll provide the .aup file for audacity

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    very rough draft lol. thats gonna be hard as hell to get to sound good, since there is no acapella of who you came to see. good luck lol. if you can get it to sound good i would bump that for sure

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    lol yea i know big time, but my plan was to get them in as good as condition as possible and just turn em down a bit lol but thanks

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