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Thread: What would it take to get Tech down south???

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    What would it take to get Tech down south???

    I mean really down south, New Zealand down south. . . bottom of the world baby. . .

    and we all love our Tech N9ne, from Eintein and Slacker, thru to Poh Me Another and Strange Music Box. . .

    Just wish i knew how crazy it would be to see such a great artist live.

    Would he appear at a "Big Day Out" type event, or would ya prefer to headline your own show???

    we, in certain areas of N.Z are heavily influenced by hip-hop and rap. Giving respect where its deserved. im sure we could pull something persuasive enuf to make ya wanna visit. . .

    we have the third highest smoking average in the world per capita, and we have some of the best produce around too

    Stop depriving us coz we're so far away hahahaha

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    Just be patient. He will hit the whole Earth eventually.

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    damn thats really down south, but i bet we smoke mroe in cali, and yea just be patient he went to aussie so he will go there eventually or maybe ull have to come here eventually

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    all i godda say is S.O.S.

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    aye. . .too much all ya'll. . .lol. .

    good to see some supporters out there. . .

    and i know wat you mean, Tech's in such high demand im not surprised he doesnt have the time to get down here yet. . .

    hopefully he can get down sometime in the near future. . .

    and ahhh high roller. . .. we may not have the population of smokers you do up in cali, ( shit n.z itself as a country, has a lower population then cali), but i promise you, we'll sure sit in the circle with you and hand you another, and another, and another, blunt bong or 40, we like to play big boi games for a small nation hahaha

    too much yo'z. . . thanx for your responses

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    Too much Breatha, att fuck we'll smoke em out ae kuzz

    We gotta get Tech Here man, hes gotta kum here!!

    Stop fukin depriving us alrite haha

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    It'll probably be a while since he was just in Australia earlier this year

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