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Thread: *****official w.a.r. thread*****

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    *****official w.a.r. thread*****

    W.a.r.= when assholes react

    Ok since just about every1 on this forum has been going ape shit over this so called emtremely ridulous juggao vs, techn9ition cyber beef I thought why not just learn a lil bit from tech himself and do something similar to what he did on k.o.d. lets just all forget about the fluffy bunnies and cumbaya chanting that we wish this forum would be and let's just embrace our dark and immature side of our cyber personas.maybe this way instead of plaguing the other threads with pointless and stupid insults we can all come here and bag on eachothers mothers and looks or whatever the fuck u want. So with that being said lemme just say that I hate all of u faggot ass fucks on this site and I hope that both u and ur computer catch a virus.

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    Ey fuck you I hope you get an STDs, Cancer, and all bad things you can possibly get.... Asshole!

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    yeh good idea maybe threads won't be cluttered with fags...
    fuck you assholes.

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    Get a better name dickhead go shoot urself with a shotgun and tell ur fam to put that shit on youtube

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    i hope everyone you love dies from a horrible seral murderer

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    suck my dick bitch

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    Senior Member C-Hen's Avatar
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    I hope you slip, fall, land on a dick, and then embrace your new found gayness.

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    Senior Member Fudsnician's Avatar
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    its true and yu know it........biiiaaaattttcccchhhh

    <p ="text-align: left;">

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    lol.. just relax fuckers!

    Quote Originally Posted by Sick Widit
    its true and yu know it........biiiaaaattttcccchhhh

    <p ="text-align: left;">

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    hey puke shitty ventrilaquist why dont u go and play a game of hide and go fuck urself

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