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Thread: Anybody think Tech should write a book?

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    Anybody think Tech should write a book?

    He has come so far, so many struggles (women, drugs, deaths) and his music career has sky-rocketed. I would definently love to read about his stories and thoughts about life. What do my fellow technicians think?

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    yes, i mentioned this a long time ago after i read Behind the Paint by Violent J

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    Just go to a lyrics website, his book is in his music lol. but a book would be cool.

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    id buy it, but i doubt he would since his songs are already a story about his life

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    Exactly, he's pretty much written his book in his songs. He wouldn't have much else to tell.

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    I'd buy a Tech book.. just like I bought Violent J Behind The Paint and The Wu-Tang Manual and The Tao of Wu

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    A book wuld b koo..I think a movie bout his life wuld b tight ..sum like 50 cent did on get rich or die tryin except about his life

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    fuck ya...i was thinking the same shit the other day, he really should do it id buy it...the icp book is a really good book my mom loved it.

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