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Thread: For people who've listened to all albums and been too some or most tours...

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    For people who've listened to all albums and been too some or most tours...

    The Calm Before The Storm vs The Worst
    Anghellic vs Absolute Power
    Everready vs Killer vs K.O.D (Triple Threat)
    MLK vs Sickology 101
    Strictly Strange, Hostile Takeover Tour or K.O.D. tour

    I left out Celcius as a wild card...

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    1. CBTS
    2. Absolute Anghellic ha
    3. K.O.D. Everready is right behind it tho.
    4. MLK
    5. K.O.D. Tour

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    I'd go with The Calm Before The Storm,
    Sickology 101,
    Hostile Takeover tour.

    I really thought the Everready tour was off the fucken hook, Same with the first Strange Noize tour too.

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    The Calm Before The Storm
    Absolute Power
    Hostile Takeover... My 1st Tech Show.

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    1. The Worst
    2. Anghellic
    3. K.O.D.
    5.My last shows were the MLK & Everready tours

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