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Thread: A question on the "Strange Music" emblem

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    A question on the "Strange Music" emblem

    (This may have come up as a discussion topic before, I'm sorry if it has, I don't know lol) Does anyone know why the "Strange Music" emblem has a snake to represent the "S" for "Strange" and a bat to represent the "M" for "Music"? You don't have to know the exact reason, just give me your opinion .

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    creatures of the night
    snakes are serpents (devilish)
    bats are out at night (like tech) (watch the psycumentary)
    to make you ask questions

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    Thank you! I don't have enough to get "The Psycumentary" , but I'll save up for it!

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    I think it was Lejo? who designed the emblem. for the reasons stated above.

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    Man I'll be honest I herd it was cause the interpreted representation of a Snake and Bat but I herd other reasons as well all I know is Its one hell of a EMBLEM

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    Go to , im pretty sure thats the site or its and search psychumentary. Thats where i watched it

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