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    Midwest Choppers

    So midwest choppers is one of my favorite tracks and i cant find the LEGIT lyrics anywhere. all of em dont have the right lyrics so does anyone know where i can find the real shit??

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    if you look up at the top under media, it says lyrics. the lyrics to most of the songs are there. i dont think S101 or KOD are up yet though...
    ill post the lyrics here anyways;

    (INTRO) Welcome to misery where the killas pop it off and when I say pop it off I mean deadly with the tongue or the gun we can do it if anybody want it whether rappin' or get to clappin' up another tell everyone.

    Misery Loves Kompany so we dump at thee, enemy when it be energy sending me the route, of negativity trippin' wit me ya runnin' for your life cause you ran yo mouth.

    (CHORUS) We can sang or we can bang it ain't no game we untame whether it's, fame or we can aim release yo brains it ain't no thang (Midwest Choppers)

    Yerm sane we livin' in pain and it's a shame that you, came and got drained listen mane stayin' yo lane (Midwest Choppers)

    (1st Verse) Ya finna witness the murderous monologue of a menace comin' from out of a sinister formidable place, I can let you know the ins and the out's and I can spit it wicked twisted and you can see by the look on my face, gimme the mic and imma mangle it tangle it, definitely the people see that I got the hang of it, pity you gotta try ta make a mockery of city who block'em and block'em buck at you baby we dangerous.

    Came ta get Strange with it bang wit it stop and get a little untame wit it get ta choppin' like a fully a bully wit a hoodie should he get up and take'em out or spit cane wit it? Well the answer is right before your eyes who do you despise killas who chop you we got to stop you pop you potnah you gussin' get up outta the way when Tecca Nina be bussin'.

    Gotta give it up I'm a veteran like Edison imma light'em up and get in ya head again, I'm better than ever never let a feather in death he be fetishin' sevarin' hit the mic and then we peddlin' medicine imma (choppa, choppa, choppa) automatic kickin' the ammunition killin' the competition no it ain't nobody (hotta, hotta, hotta) damaging everything and everybody you know we on a mission.

    Listen ta me, how can I make you understand imma General, even if you poppin' the competition is minimal, Kan City killas and you can bet that we criminal, the demon inside of me keep on tellin' me when ta go, so imma keep on reppin' the Midwest Choppas freakin' flows and I'm bout ta be up on top of this and truly be bussin' beggin' for mercy you punk I ain't givin' you nothin'.


    (3rd Verse) When I'm off in a zone, I get to representing the city of the K, hollow ya brain, cause I'm a disaster, Dalima get ridiculous if I'm comin' at ya, leave'em in a predicament cause I'm a master, and I'm not impressionable, now just so you know, I make'em sweat, cause I'm the best with the flow, whenever you wanna flex we can go, keep stressin' your cold, and I bet I leave your neck on the floor.

    Midwest finna blow like, C4 with a low strike, cause the energy is the bomb, I can tell that your fascinated by the way that we rhyme, and we glow like when the four strike with the fire, it ain't nothin' you can say though, because I'm sipin' on Henny and bustin' like a semi on enemies now, irritated with the haters that be coming around, so I'm kickin' like a relivant but an arrogant , meaning that I'm really sure so, I'm to sick for a cure so, ain't a need for a doctor, my verbal word play, be making your nerves shake cause I caught ya, pants down when I popped ya.

    Now let's take a trip through the valley of real gill Strange individuals with a militant real skill, pop a collar and holla at the brauds with real skrill get down for the cause cuz we flausin' big wheels, get up wit it don't be acting like you get tough wit it, when the choppers come out the truck spitting, all of the Strange gill killas gone be devoted to leaving your body smokin' cause really you can't get up with us, and that's game that's proper cause whenever I'm bustin' it's like a full heart stopper, Dalima, Tecca Nina, Kalico, and D-Loc, rippin'em up with the flow cause we're Midwest Choppers!

    (4th Verse) Kalibaby ya betta act right get right, cause I'm the badest nigga, hookin' up with the fastes bad asses, to hitch with the lyrical lyrical miracle whip incredible, bout to knock the head offa several diggy, diggy down watch'em figgy frown at the clown them hounds is bound for you town diggy, diggy, diggy, and if your lookin' for the sound it can be found by the nigga wearin' the crown, are you really wit me?

    And when you hear it nigga then zip it the xzibit make ya wanna reposition ya pivot, when we write it and spit it we makin' somebody get it and if they won't hear it and get livid forget it forget it, stop or I can keep babalin' on or rattlin' off at the mouth why were travelin' and don't be thinkin' that I be speakin' about the things that I be doin cause what's comin' up out my mouth free I'm bout ta ruin.You and you and you, and can stop for a drop of the Caribou, and if it's on and poppin' it's stewie oohee ooh, and I won't hesitate to chop you and chewy oohee, what it dooee oh, and if your lookin' for the better of the veterans who can bust you got the Kali gun for fun, and they don't be bussin' backatcha when you attack'em on a track I hope they puttin' down they gun, cause Dalima's a choppa, D-Loc a choppa, that Tecca Nina's a choppa, Kalico al'knock ya block off ya neva see it comin' hitcha when we gunnin' you runnin' we walk off, cause it's more than bread that we wantin' an we goin' head, and we won't stop till we get to the top ya in the way then we Midwest Chop ya.

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    looks legit man i appreciate it

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    well its off tech's website, so i'd be surprised if its not legit...
    & no problem haha

    Quote Originally Posted by Levi Harding
    looks legit man i appreciate it

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