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Thread: Tech N9ne respect poll

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    Tech N9ne respect poll

    ok so ive had this idea for a lil while. this thread is going to be kind of a poll with a running tally; the idea is for each person to list some reasons that you have gained or lost respect for tech.
    1) a maximum of 4 votes per person.
    2) you can repeat what someone else said if you agree with it but that counts as one of your four votes.
    3) type it in like how i did my example, my example is not going to be counted.
    4) you can list anything tech has done that made you gain or lose respect for him, like people he's featured with or songs and videos hes released, or milestones hes reached in the industry.
    5) you can distribute your four votes however you like as long as it adds up to four, e.g. 3 on one vote and one on another

    im gonna open voting for one week and then post the results, ill try to get on a couple days during voting to post a current result.
    selling 1million albums +1
    the waitress on killer -1
    not coming to chicago -1
    being independent +1

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    KOD +1
    Not going to Chicago +3

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    Senior Member ANgheLLo9's Avatar
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    Nov 2009
    1. Being real since day one +4

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    Coming to Seattle +1
    Winning the Left Field Woodie +1
    1 Million albums independently +1
    Signing Brotha Lynch Hung to Strange Music +1

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    Doing it for the fans and not the money like all these other rap artists. And being real. +4

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    el neenyo's smart, way to not be blind to shit bro.

    doing whatever the hell he wants and never apologizing +1
    Being the fucking greatest rapper alive +2,398,409
    there gain respect won

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    sorry, I don't follow rules
    did I say alive? I meant ever + another 4,000

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    Senior Member Klean Klay's Avatar
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    Oct 2008
    Independent +4

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    Senior Member J9X's Avatar
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    Nov 2008
    Actually letting his fans meet him and talk to him +5
    always being a ....humble? dude +2
    making excellent music in a time where music sucks +3

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    Senior Member Bizzaro's Avatar
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    Nov 2008
    Being Tech N9ne +10
    Releasing KOD +5
    Keeping Gordys Verse knowin wat would happen +100

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