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Thread: Where's the love?

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    Where's the love?

    A juggalo, a tech fan, a cypress fan, an eminem fan.. Whatever, we're all humans with a soul.

    I carry my hatchet, I chill with femin.. I mean eminems music (ya gott have a sense of humour).

    But serisouly, where's the love?

    Why hate. I can hate for fun, but I see and read alot of real hate, whatsup with that? Seriously, when the end of time is coming you're going to judge yourself and you will reincarnate and start a new lifecycle of trials and tribulations if you haven't found love. That's the biggest life leasson: Learning unconditonal love.

    And this with Rakim and that you hate him blabla.. Whatever man, its between tech and Rakim. Live your life and enjoy the music they make. I love hate because it has created alot of good songs like Blown Away and all diss songs between artists. But the real hate must end.

    Hate is a like a cancer. You get what you put out in this universe. If you give hate and hate and keep dissing people, that is what you'll get.

    Trust me, life can be magical. You just need to find the uncondtional love.


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    Never!!! Naw just kidding people do need to chill. The Insane Clown Pussi.. I mean ICP has/had beef with eminem doesn't mean we shouldn't like ICP or their fans..

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