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Thread: Going Bad

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    Going Bad

    "Going Bad"

    No one wants to see an angel in this world in these days to them I am the epitome of evil a found soul looking to save the lost to them I am death and of not wanting an evil man

    To say gone bad to most ha never been good just getting worse thoughts to destroy and to tear things apart thoughts to praise adore and to love the trick is what voice is telling you what

    Right now I can't distinguish which voice I'm listening to am I evil or just another lost soul going bad or just been bad and getting worse

    Is this a real poem or was it made for the song? I couldve sworn I read this shit somewhere else.

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    Yea, that was quoted from Albert Einstein! j/k of course. I'm not sure, Tech does qoute things sometimes in his songs, so I wouldnt be surprised if that is from something else and he had it narrated in the song.

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    Nah, thats all Tech.

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