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Thread: Being Honest....

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    Apr 2009

    Being Honest....

    I'm totally not lookin foward to Kabosh. Im happy w/ the one or 2 rock song he does on his albums. But I am not feelin a full length album.

    How do y'all feel?

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    I think you'll be pleasantly or horribly surprised like a snakebite to the wang.
    I feel great about Kabosh. I love that these guys are experimenting with this shit. It's going to be insane.

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    i hope he shocks you with an insane actually lookin forward to how hes gonna do this...very interesting to me...he cant rush this one

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    i feel you dog but he does do sic shit wit tech but ive never heard him on his own track should be interesting

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    I feel like I have read this thread before. If you don't want it then don't buy it.

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    I think it has huge potential if it's all Tech and Kaliko doing the vocals and writing the lyrics. As long as their is not alot of features, or it will turn into 2010 rock collabos album. Maybe feature Kutt that's it.

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    im not a rock fan. but the tech does it is nice. only fear i have about it is it taking him backwards in the eyes of the "music world" and new and newer fans, although this could bring out new fans as well. im waiting for it.

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    I'm totally feeling Kabosh. I love almost every rock song that tech has made, and I've been looking forward to this since i first heard Little Pills

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    Am totally looking forward to it! Bring that shit on!!!!!!

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    is he going to come out with a kabosh cd

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