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Thread: Gain Green - Tech, Scoob, & Kali

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    Gain Green - Tech, Scoob, & Kali

    Not sure if this is old or what.. But damn! This is a ill track. I'm not a big fan of scoob. He's average at most, but he's legit on this track. Not to mention the beat, the intro & verse Tech does. Kali kills it too..

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    never heard this shit, good lookin

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    ive had this track for a lil over a week now.
    good shit tho man.

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    yeah like always had it posted like on Monday.

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    Yeah I really like the intro to this, and Tech def comes correct on this shit.......this is a dope track

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    it was posted here hella days before this post. dont get all high and mighty with your battkave

    Quote Originally Posted by Ms. Exclusive
    yeah like always had it posted like on Monday.

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    Its from Messy Marv's Draped Up And Chipped Out 4 its been out about a week the song is bumpin for sure.

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