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Thread: The Mighty Death Pop! Thoughts

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    The Mighty Death Pop! Thoughts

    Havent seen a thread on it yet so what are yalls thoughts on the new icp cd. Personally i think its pretty dope listend enough of it to finnaly grow on me but i think its a good cd love night of the chainsaw remix with three 6 its badass

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    I listened to most of it only song that was tight was the Tech N9ne/Hopsin track (Which i feel Hopsin didnt even try on) besides that the album was COMPLETE shit.They made that hour long song i skimmed through it i salute to anyone who listened to the whole thing without blowing their brains out lol.

    But the Mighty Death Pop sucks balls.

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    Idk i like it personally but honestly havent heard the whole hour song got to like 7 min and was like jesus who the fuck would listen to the whole thing haha

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    First of all, any mention of ICP or Psychopathic will get you 6 pages of hate on these boards, so be prepared. Its trendy to diss ICP at the mere mention of their name, same as Limp Bizkit. Try and have an honest discussion about their music and all you get is shit talking.
    As for Death Pop... I enjoyed most of it. Too many choruses and repetitiion in spots, but I feel that way about almost every album I hear. Overall it seemed to be a blend of s that reminded me of their older albums. A little bit like the Tempest at times and, some of Js vocals were evocative of Ringmaster or Terror Wheel delivery . Kickin reminds me of a Rydas or Drive By beat. Hate her to death reminds me of Zug Izland. I thought Shaggys verses were on point this disc. Bazooka Joey is catchy as hell.

    Night of the Chainsaw
    The Blasta
    Kickin Kickin
    Bazooka Joey
    Juggalo Juice
    Hate Her to Death
    Ghetto Rainbows
    Dog Catchers

    Are my favorites. Id say 13 of the 18 songs are good. A solid album. I think Id rate it 8/10.

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    Yea im startin realize the icp hate but idgaf ive been grown up around icps music, anyway nice review sean couldnt agree more with ya

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    I grew up to icp as well, but i think this album is str8 shit.. its nothing like their old school shit.. i just cant conform to the new school bullshit with them.. it just doesnt sound right...

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    that would suck to grow up listening to ICP....People who grow up listening to that shit are the only ones who enjoy it. Seriously tho their music is just a head ache

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    It's straight. I like about 12 of the songs but atleast it was better than bpb. The MEC emporium, smothered covered and chunked, and freaky tales are all dope shit also. I give all 4 albums together a 8 out of 10, the new twiztid album will probably be better though

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