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Thread: Next Tour?

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    Next Tour?

    Now I know Tech is going on tour again and I know your not done with this sick ass K.O.D. Tour but as usual Im pumped for your next tour so when anyone knows when and what its called hit me up let me know. Cuz we all know our homie and favorite rapper is out on tour all day every day.

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    Late march early april

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    Strictly Strange 2010 sumtime in march according to Cognito

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    I can't wait, I missed the K.O.D tour here in Salt lake because I had my first kid the day before. There was NO FUCKING WAY i could go.

    I'm still sad yo, lol.

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    I've heard this from multiple strange reps, soooo yeah you can pretty much count on it happening at this time.

    Quote Originally Posted by suburbannoizefan
    Strictly Strange 2010 sumtime in march according to Cognito

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