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Thread: Favorite Songs From K.O.D.

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    Favorite Songs From K.O.D.

    I know a thread like this has been posted like 100 times. But im sure after a couple weeks the songs you like have changed. After some time of listening to it these are my favorite songs from the album.

    Show Me A God
    Strange Music Box
    Blackened The Sun
    In The Trunk
    It was an accident
    Killing You

    I guess it was a good album because i still listen to most of the album.

    I kinda still listen to these songs.

    B Boy

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    those are all my favs too....i havent taken the cd outta my car since i got addicted

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    mine are bboy, strange music box, horns, low, (as of now lol) check yo temperature, killing you

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    K.O.D., Pinocchio, Hunterish, Low, Killing you, Bboy.

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    I love every damn song on the album. Crazy shit. Tech hooks me everytime.

    Strange Music Box
    gets me going =D

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