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Thread: Last nights show in St Pete

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    Last nights show in St Pete

    Was sick as fuuuuuck, Tech tore St Pete down man I can't believe how insane and sick the show was and how many good peeps I met out there, def will be going to every Tech show I can possibly get to.

    I was to the left of the stage standing directly in front of the subwoofers, man that shit had my chest feeling like it was going to collapse, haha.

    When they played Areola my home girl Fluffy was just holdin her titties out for a good minute or two til security told my boy to put her down. lool

    After the show Royce from slaughterhouse must have immediately went to the bar cus he was just kickin it by the merch booth talkin to fans. As well as Kutt, and Scoob.

    I shook Kutts hand on the way out to the lobby and than like 5 mins later had him sign my ticket. I walked up to him behind my boy gettin a signature, when I go to him I said "I don't mean to be a groupie homie but can you sign my ticket?" loool he got a kick out of that as well as the technitions.
    Oh ya, I found a VIP ALL ACCESS pass on the floor, it said "Eric" I tried to get Kutt to sign it but he said somthin about that dude oweing him or how the pass is worth like a couple hundred so he said he was gonna give it back to him.

    I was surprised how fast everybody left, I always thought Tech was known for havin blowouts in the parkin lot and shit. We stayed til it was pretty much empty besides Strange employees and such, than decided to go to the back to try and meet Tech.

    We chilled back there for a good 20 mins and saw Scoob and Kutt, than right when my boy Tom says "I don't think anybody else is coming out here man" I shit you not, Kaliko came walking out of the tour bus in a due rag grey hoodie and some black basketball shorts, he looked tired as fuck so we walked up to him to introduce ourselves and shake his hand say what up and than dip.

    All in all, it was a beautiful experience that I think everyone should enjoy at very least once in their life time. Wish I coulda met Tech, but I'm sure I will next time.

    Will update with pictures soon.


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    2 bad i culdn't go to the one in tucson....]:

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    amazing show ;astnight.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Megsab08
    amazing show ;astnight.

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    That it was, Megs were you in yellow and black?


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