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Thread: Any Joe Budden fans out there?

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    Any Joe Budden fans out there?

    If anyone on here is a budden fan, I've been really getting into his Slaughterhouse verses and was wanting to check out his solo stuff. So, if someone could give me like 10 of his most deep, emotional, meaningful songs, that would be awesome. Thanks guys!

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    Senior Member Jackie's Avatar
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    Jun 2009

    Thats the majority of his discography.

    Black Cloud

    The Future

    Walk With Me

    Calm Down

    Three Sides to a Story

    4 Walls

    Where Did It Go Wrong

    Angel In My Life

    Under the Sun

    If I Die Tomorrow

    Those are some of my faves.

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    Senior Member mikern3821's Avatar
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    This is just off the top of my head but

    Black Cloud

    Pray For Me

    I Couldn't Help It

    Three Sides To A Story

    Just To Be Different

    The Hard Part

    Ordinary Love Shit 1,2, & 3

    Forgive Me

    Good Enough


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    Listen to his 'No Church In the Wild' Free.

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    ^^ that avy!!! <3

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    Ironically enough there's a song called "10 Minutes" that is super-dope from his first album.

    Calm Down

    Walk With Me

    ^^^other must listens from the same album.

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    all of his stuff i have heard i have liked alot....the mood musics are good and so was escape route....i had only heard his name a few times and i picked up escape route cuz it was cheap and ended up bein one of my favorite cds ive bought in a while

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    joe budden is one of my top 5 rappers he has always been straight up and his music shows all the listed above are great song you should also check out an early song from his career it isnt on any cds i have gotten its called Dear Angie its so sick and its all a true story that really happened to him

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    Downfall. Might be my favorite by him. Hell, just look up tracklists of all of his cd's, especially his more recent ones. Don't think I have heard a bad verse by Joe. A friend of mine booked him here in STL in a fairly small venue, i was literally 6 feet from him his whole performance. He absolutely killed it. One of the best shows I have ever been to. Took a few people from the audience up on stage to rap his songs with him, including one of my friends. We all got to meet him and kick it and drink with him before and after the show. Great experience. I've always liked him, he is always in my top 5 hip hop artists.

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    So many good songs by Budden. But as others have said listen to Escape Route album and the Mood Muzik mixtapes. I'm such a fan of the mixtape series I bought that big ass collection of all of them. Just listen through some Budden and see what you enjoy by him.

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