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Thread: show me a god sucks

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    show me a god sucks

    is it just me? or is this song like one of the worst songs tech has ever made lol.. and another thing? why does tech make such poor decisions when it comes to choosing songs for videos?!?! why no caribou lou video?!?! COME ON USE UR BRAIN.. in the trunk or demons would be awesome instead he chooses leave me alone and show me a god.. WACK

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    1. I personally think Show Me A God is one of the best songs on the album.
    2. Caribou Lou was not chosen as a single because of the heavy alcohol influence of the song. (I read that in an interview somewhere a while ago)
    3. Show Me A God was more of a music video for him to get his feelings about his Mom out.

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    Its just you.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Brent Bertrand
    Its just you.

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    It was for his mom and it was personal and he wanted to share it. Who the fuck are you to say what he should do? And you just called Tech stupid on his own web site. Kick rocks douche bag.

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    I personally didn't like Caribou Lou, the song.

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    your a douche bag if you dont like that song the only song on the cd that is questionable is pinnochio

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    personally, i fuckin' hate the song caribou lou... preppy bitch ass snobs listen to that shit and say that's his best song and they don't know shit about tech and how sick he is. idk but i just hate that song for attracting stupid people like that.

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    I usually dont talk shit on people on the internet but I just instantly hated this motherfucker when I read his post and seen his bitch ass face. This dude is very deserving of a curb stomp.

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    Yep, just you!

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