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Thread: I have been thinking.

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    I have been thinking.

    I read a little while ago someone saying they were disappointed that Tech is slowing it down with his raps. In my opinion I am happy he is slowing down, I think fast raps has become somewhat of a gimmick, people will hear someone spit fast and automatically go crazy about how good they are. Some rappers will go quick and talk absolutely nothing, just throwing syllables together. What do you all think?

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    A balance of both

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    Tech is one of the only rappers to actually be good with a fast flow. Most rappers think they can rap fast, but then you can't understand what they're saying...or it's just not as fast as they think it is. Personally I like it when Tech switches it up through out the song, like Imma Tell. That's jus my personal opinion though.

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    I couldn't agree more!!!!

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    I think he's always done both ppl who say otherwise need to pay better attn.

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    I like his fast raps, but his regular pace shit is good too. Atleast when he raps fast he makes sense.

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    I think This Ring is one of his fastest, also either of the Midwest Choppers is good for speed. As far as a dope verse, really hard to say, there are so many. I think a relatively overlooked verse is Tech's third verse in Bianca's and Biatrice's.

    Beatrices, means more than one Bianca they actresses
    Bring'em sex toys and ganja we activist, ain't
    No yes boys we monsters and macks at this, bring your
    Best noise we conquer

    The fact is this; say you don't wanna when you want ta
    Relax to this, extacy & Willie Wonka we slaps a bitch
    Cause me and my niggas are bonkers we stacks the hits
    No Coleco Tyco or Tonkas

    Immaculate, give the mutha fucker you honor a laxative
    Cause they boo boo biting piranhas my gats will spit
    Till you playa hataz are goners like Maximus I'm a
    gladiator phenomenon.

    My raps assist the beat that's disturbing your momma
    They scrap to this, welcome wicked witness the trauma
    So clap to this while you're puffin' your marijuana
    Get back to this Beatrices and Biancas

    He rhymes so many words together in each line, I dunno that verse always stood out to me.

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