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Thread: RIP Pakelika of the Kottonmouth Kings.

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    RIP Pakelika of the Kottonmouth Kings.

    Just heard that Pakelika from the kottonmouth kings passed away today. Daddy X sent out a tweet ealier saying he was sick in the hospital and just a lil bit ago passed. R.I.P. Pakelika!!

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    its a sad sad day in the kingdom....he will b missed 4 sure, what he did for the kings was truely awesome...

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    507 of the last couple years i havent cared for their music much anymore but I kicked it with Pakalika and Bobby B an on my bday in Amsterdam during the canna cup in 06 and I'll always remeber how chill and down to earth Pakalika was when you sit there and talk to him with the mask off. RIP to an awesome person Big PAK!

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    horrible news pakelika will live on forever in spirit ;]

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    rest in peace niggs

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    Big Pak introduced me to the vaporizer. Cool ass dude.

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    Rough loss. Much love to his friends, family, and all those affected by their loss.

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