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Thread: Who Thinks That Tech Should Work With Necro?

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    Who Thinks That Tech Should Work With Necro?

    I personally think that necro wouldve been perfect for KOD

    and that he should've been put on Sex Out SOuth instead of Krizz Kaliko

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    well necro is a good man and nice last time he was out in OZ i was invited to the after party so i think it could be a good calabo so we will have to wait to see what happens

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    closest we got to this was "Only Time Will Tell on Ill Bill's album, both Necro and Tech came good on that (actually thought Necro had the best verse out of all three). Necro might've been dope on K.O.D. though.

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    I don't.

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    Idk his voice still is kinda mehhish for me cuz if he had a deeper voice with his impedement itd sound better imo like saint dog does. But he sounds to much like abk. I havent heard much necro but man idk id give it a listen tho cuz that song with danny diablo was dope

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    i havent heard anything from him that makes me wanna keep listenin 2 him. ive put him in on my ipod b4...but deleted it the next day. IMO hes one of those guys that kills on features...but cant last a whole album

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    not really

    btw nice screen name

    do u listen 2 the black metal band named marduk?

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    I heard of them but no

    Marduk Slayer Of Tiamat is my rap name, and I'm named after the Anunnaki Prince who was banished by causing a war between the gods

    Quote Originally Posted by RICH THE ROCKER
    not really

    btw nice screen name

    do u listen 2 the black metal band named marduk?

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    That would be straight. I'd think it would be a good ass track.

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