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Thread: Song vs Song

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    Song vs Song

    You need something to do? Then post below which one is better.

    Suicide Letters (T9) vs Suicide Note (BLH) vs Suicide Watch (BLH) vs Suicide Thoughts (Biggie)

    FTI (T9) vs FTI 2 (KMK)

    Pain (Cog) vs Pain Killers (T9)

    Low (T9) vs Depression (Cog)

    F.A.N.S (T9) vs Overwhelming (T9)

    Doe Doe (Krizz) vs Doe Doe Doe (BS)

    Papers (BLH) vs Papers (T9)

    Drunken s (BLH) vs Therapy Session (BLH)

    Hip-Hop (Cog) vs This Is Hip Hop (T9)

    The Beast (T9) vs Animal (Krizz)

    MWC (T9) vs MWC2 (T9) vs WWC (T9)

    Psycho Bitch (T9) vs Psycho Bitch II (T9)

    Immortal (Krizz) vs Alucard (T9)

    This Ring (T9) vs The Rain (T9)

    Carbiou Lou (T9) vs KC Tea (T9)

    My Mom (Em) vs Mama Nem (T9)

    Demon Inside (Em) vs Demons (T9)

    Breathe (T9) vs Breathe Again (BS)

    Feel free to post more and I'll post them up here.

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    Suicide Thoughts - Biggie

    FTI - T9

    Pain Killers - T9

    Low - T9

    Overwhelming - T9

    Doe Doe - Krizz

    Papers - T9

    Therapy Session - BLH

    This Is Hip-Hop - T9

    The Beast - T9

    WWC - T9

    Psycho Bitch - T9

    Immortal - Krizz

    The Rain - T9

    Caribou Lou - T9

    Mama Nem - T9

    Demons - T9

    Breathe - T9

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    Suicide Letters (T9)

    FTI (T9)

    Pain Killers (T9)

    Low (T9)

    F.A.N.S (T9)

    Doe Doe (Krizz)

    Papers (BLH) vs Papers (T9) - Probably BLH version because i didn't like the T9 Jay Rock version.

    This is Hip Hop

    The Beast (T9)

    MWC (T9)

    Psycho Bitch II (T9)

    Immortal (Krizz)

    This Ring (T9) vs The Rain (T9) - Can't Pick they are both great

    Carbiou Lou (T9)

    Mama Nem (T9)

    Demons (T9)

    Breathe (T9)

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