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    Madden 10

    ........who else feels that the my skill setting in madden 10s AI is made purley to piss u off in the 2nd half....i play 15min quaters and i dnt wanna see ppl say i suck or sum shit thts why i lose because its on like AI 770 and im gettin beat dwn by da Steelers for da past week reguardless of how i play the game is MADE TO PISS YOU OFF I SWEAR

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    the're the champs for a reason

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    yah but man the game honestly plans out ur moves and fuckin rapes u in everyway possible and it makes me wanna break stuff

    Quote Originally Posted by Troll N9ne
    the're the champs for a reason

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    yea it adapts to how u play to make u have to learn how to attack their weakness

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