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Thread: what to take to the meet and greet in ind mo

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    what to take to the meet and greet in ind mo

    i have a scrapbook of all hes pics i think i will take that to the meet and greet to see if they will sign it thats something i keep near and dear im going alone and i am really nervous

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    Ha don't be nervous. Tech is a hella chill dude for real. If you have any of his albums, shirts, posters..whatever. He'll sign it if it has to do with Strange. He appreciates his fans to the fullest, and wants you to get the best VIP experience possible. My friend had a plain white t on, and got Kutt, Scoob, Tech, Stevie Stone, Kaliko, and Glasses to sign that shit. It was dope. The day after the show he wrote on the back...this shirt kicks your shirts ass. Haha.

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    oooh snap so ur going too thats what im talkin about!!! i might bring u a cd of a lil bit of my music lol idk yet,

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