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Thread: Stevie Stone - Keep My Name Out You Mouth (Official Video)

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    Stevie Stone - Keep My Name Out You Mouth (Official Video)

    Great video love the live performance videos, but, My question is why is Kutty rockin that chain and not the snake and bat? I am seriously starting to feel like he's gonna leave strange, hes not getting any attention as opposed to EVERY other artist on strange, (excluding Jay Rock and BLH who has gotten a little attention for beginning recording for his next album) sucks strange is about to let a very talented artist on their roster walk away.

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    I share a mild sense of the same concern however people will stop sleeping on Kutt and coming 2013 i bet he will be hanging chain from chain, it would be horrid if he left strange one way or another. He is necessary and hes the KC Chief, i think his chain is tight and hella reppin but with more uniqueness. Tech says in Prozaks"one of these days" off paranormal (amazing album btw) that fans are gonna blow up Kutt. Its happening it goes up^ Keep it strange

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    Hell ya!

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    I wonder if, since "Dollar General" is still kind of new, that they've been holding off the release of this video because it says it was uploaded on July 16. And that the only way to view it is if you have the link, etc.

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