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Thread: Goin to see Tech tomorrow in Reading PA! Couple questions.

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    Goin to see Tech tomorrow in Reading PA! Couple questions.

    bout a week ago, after i bought KOD, i got curious about a tour. So i searched ticketmaster and there it was, a week away, tech n9ne KOD tour.

    THEN, i saw SlaughterHouse and freaked the fuck out.

    Crooked I is my 2nd fav artist behind Tech, and i could not believe the luck of these 2 performing together.

    Needless to say, i planned a trip to Reading Pa for tomorrow and i cant fuckin wait.

    I heard something about how he only does clips of KOD? does he do anything else? how long is his set? what about slaughterhouse, anyone seen them at a show yet?

    i see pics of people with tech, are they a backstage thing? or does he like to come out and mingle with fans and shit?

    i ask because im bringin my 64 year old father who is a HUGE tech fan and i would love to get him in a pic with tech, even if im not in it lol.

    thx in advance to the answers to my questions!

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    i just saw them in rochester and i gotta say slaughterhouse sonds good on record but on stage it just sounds like 4 dudes yelling in the mic. i got the vip for that show i met them they r cool ass dudes but the stage show wasnt impressive but tech killed it as always. he did leave me alone thats it from kod it think i cant be too sure i was pretty fucked up but it was a kick ass show have fun i know u will

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    Unfortunatly tech doesn't come out and mingle with the crowd at least not at the shows I've been to I saw the kod tour in springfield mo and he did 3 songs from kod but the album wasn't out yet so not for sure on that part and slaughter house was up for 30 mins to 45 minawsome set and im assuming this is your first tech show dude have a blast he will rock the show fo sho

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    At the springfield show slaughter house came out after there set to meet the fans at the merch both along with kutt and krizz with tech being the closser and him being a player after his set he's off to the buss with the chicks he picked out at the show to do his thang

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    thx for the reply guys.

    not my first tech show, but my second.

    my first was the strange noize tour with kottonmouth kings.

    sucks about not mingling with the fans unless you pay extra, but maybe ill get to meet krizz or somethin.

    good to know slaughter house kills it.

    thx again guys.

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    Say wussup to my boy, Chaos, he'll be opening up the Reading, PA show...

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