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Thread: Best way to pass drug test

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    Best way to pass drug test

    For weed. Besides not smoking cuz that's out the picture. Any ideas?

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    dont do drugs. and hopefully your username is a typo cause they spell it in the goddamn song

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    Water Pills. Outta Your System In 2-4 Days.

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    buy a wizzinator and fill it with clean piss lol

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    This is what I use. I drink lots and lots a water till its deluded them drink a quart or so of 100% vitumin c cranberry juice to give it a tint so it doesn't look like u deluded it plus its a natural antioxident flush bad shit out

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    Dude I hope you pass you're drug test.... But none of this shit is guarenteed... Just stop smoking until your test, exercise, drink 4 liters of water a day and cranberry juice... And hopefully you'll pass... Or you can get somebody to pee in a test tube or some shit and when you gt your dug test put it in your thigh so I can heat up a bit or so e shit like that and you'll pass

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    sur gel,look it up... cheapest method hands down

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    Take Niacin its a dietary supplement you can get it at GMC.Be careful cause the shit makes you flush and your skin burns a little bit but it gets the THC outta you fat cells and stop for at leat a week and you should be cool.Its not cheap but it worked for me.Plu I took a drink before I went that made me clean.

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    More weed?lol

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    smoke right b4 the test to relax an you'll pass always works for phatt chris!

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