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Thread: S.P.A.W.N. - U ain't no where near me

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    S.P.A.W.N. - U ain't no where near me

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    What's good Brau . Good lyrical content thought out and deliverd perfictly with that reggaton sound. HipHopBaby was a good feat.

    Bringin Hip-hop back yall got a sense of a positive vibe even though old boi came out with like what 2 thick as masschete's right look like he was fixin the heater. I like the video editing and it seem's that yall read your verse's from your phone's or ipod's smart look's like you just fuckin with your phone will rappin. Very Unique in a sense because alot of reggeaton has to much of an accent for american's to understand but you keep the accent and allow the music to be clearly understood. Very good. look forward to sein more of the video's yall got goin on. Keep on Keepin on right and alway's stay 100% Definate talent.

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    Good shit.

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