Yo this shit was off the hizzzzy

lewn was kinda aiight only did two songs lol

glasses malone was dope he was asking the juggalo crowd if they were wondering why a gangsta ass nigga like him was doin on stage he said its aiight cause he got drugs i lol'd hard, and he ended his set dissin Suge Knight

Stevie Stone went HARD this dude puts on a nice show and his songs are bangas, big ups stone!!

Slaughterhouse was aiight, they seemed like they didnt feel like they fit in at this kinda show for some reason, their beats was louder than their mics it was hard to hear em all

Then it was time for Strange scoob only did two songs and tech krizz and kutt did their usual thing it was fuckin amazing.
Tech started the show by busting thru the set with fake blocks and everything the crowd poped hardcore on that
Tech said fuck everyother city, hes coming back to massachusetts to do the next dvd lol