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Thread: Shots After Shots .mp3

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    Shots After Shots .mp3

    Ripped from the youtube"making of" video. This is obviously not the whole song, but from what i can tell the verses are complete (juicy j's verse seems like it cuts off, but it prolly goes back to the chorus).
    And to all the people that were hating on me cuz of my last contribution can go suck a dick and NOT download this.

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    i'm working on a improved version btw, just wanted to get something to put on here first...

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    You are a beautiful person

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    like i said, hold your horses, i'm making an improved version with the actual choris and not the sing along shit.

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    improved version

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    except for the fact that if you watch the making of video it doesn't even seem like tech is in it

    Quote Originally Posted by EL Neenyo
    good work.....for not liking 3'6 I have to admit this song sounds alright...techs verse is a perfect fit for this type of isshh...The video is about to be poppin....i think..

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    Shit, I realized I really dig how Tech sounds with Three six, Like they have the hyphy choruses , and Tech Murders verses, Its a good combo.

    Why doesnt he ever have people like them on his collabo albums?

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    Props bro. Nice work.

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    hell yea dooope!!!!! i cant wait for this shit to drop officially!!!!!

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