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Thread: The Cleveland K.O.D. show 11-8-09

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    The Cleveland K.O.D. show 11-8-09

    was AMAZING.....BUT the venue sorry for who ever lives there no disrespect but Peabody's was HORRIBLE....its sooooo fuckin small...AND the way they were lettin people in was rediculous....people were suppose to be in at like 6:30......every didnt get it till bout probably 9.......but otherwise the show was great....awesome set from slaughterhouse...Stevie Stone was good to...and of course yall know Tech,Krizz and Kutt did their thing hahaha great birthday concert for Tech

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    no disrespect taken man... for some reason tech usually plays peabody's don't know if they know if he has history with the owner or what..... strictly strange was at the house of blues and that shit was nuts im surprised he didnt go back there. Peabodys isnt the best venue in Cleveland by any means

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