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Thread: Why ladies keep dating Tech if they know they're going to get heartbroken ??

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    Why ladies keep dating Tech if they know they're going to get heartbroken ??

    I mean, we've known so far Tech is a heartbreaker. Ladies he's been with all say he's a bastard and everything... So why the hell do girls keep gettin' laid by this guy ? I mean, they know what they're up to. So why do they come crying like "Oh Tech, you're a bastard !!" ???

    In the skit "Messages" the first girls says Tech's got a big fat dick... Is it really that worth it ??

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    Tech doesnt date..

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    Because he's Tech N9ne

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    Be cause he is Sumn Like A Pimp, but he is a Playa

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    because even wit the odds against them some think they can change the outcome.. its just life. sad..but true.

    trust...a lonely chick will do anything for attention and something that feels like love... most anyway that i ran into.. its just if its u or not they will do it for lol

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