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Thread: tech won battle of jams in bakersfield

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    tech won battle of jams in bakersfield

    leave me alone won the battle of the jams they put two songs against each other on 94.1 here in bakersfield. and tech won a few times now i have been hearing him on regular rotation

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    thats good news.. wish it was like that down here in Waco

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    who did he win against?

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    hmm u know what i dont know just heard it one day that they were hyping up the battle and they said later on tonite the champ tech n9ne going for another win so dont know cause when battle was on was at work. but i have heard the song on regular rotation a couple times. b4 they play it they say new music then a short snippet of song then right after play full song

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    yea and out here they dont really play any independent artists only one who really gets love is that fool mr capone-e all his songs go number out here

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