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Thread: official tech n9ne hockey jersey n brotha lynch hung royal blue jersey

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    official tech n9ne hockey jersey n brotha lynch hung royal blue jersey

    I know I'm not the only one that wants them to bring that back so everyone have my back let them know how much you want it too an maybe we get enough people lettin em know maybe they'll bring it back from being sold out

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    def the lynch jersey i want one so fuckin bad and when the half off sale came back last year the damn thig was taken off the store site i wa pissed and cant find one anywhere

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    I agree id rather wear a hockey jersey i love the one a twitter homie has its fuckin sweet

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    Senior Member zack588's Avatar
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    i want them to bring both back in 5xl and hell make a mayday and stevie stone and cru cus one as well

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    Senior Member vance69's Avatar
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    They need to make more Sweatshirts. those are really nice too.

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    Well let's try n make this shit happen spread the word to anyone and everyone start hitting up strange admin. Let em how much we all want those back gotta get them to see how high the demand for em are so get on your grind everyone hit em up and spread the word!

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    u cant bring something back from being sold out because people demand it, they would have to order more which would take time and $$.

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    like they aint got time n money r u serious they dont pay any where near what they charge so obviously will be making money off of it and yeah pretty sure i already strange admin they said to just keep an eye out see if they bring it back but there obviously not going to bring it back because one person wants it so the more people letting them no they want it making it a higher demand for it is obviously going to better the chances of them restocking no shit it would take time noone said it was gunna happen over night n your obviously reading into what i said completely wrong im not telling people to demand they bring it back i said show them theres a HIGH DEMAND for it theres a complete difference if enough people let them no how interested they are they have no reason not to it would take the same amount of time to do that as restocking anything else they have on there site its money in there pocket one way or another n why wouldnt they wanna try n keep there fans happy ha ha you should have probably just not said anything pretty much pointless ooo they cant restock thats not possible o my gosh itll cost a lil money to order more ha ha like they aint fuckin got it bra

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    who knows if it will happen or work but shit its worth a try why the hell not took 5 min to post that within an hour or 2 quit a few people agreed so im obviously not the only one thinking n wanting it to happen well just have to wait n see but i can garuntee you if you just sit there with your head up your ass n just o well say o well i really liked that but im to scared to try to get them to restock it chances are it aint gunna happen so why not just fuckin go for it dude whos it hurtin besides you ovbiously

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    Hey everyone it must have worked the official tech n9ne black hockey jersey is available at the store once again who knows how long it'll last so get it while its there! Thanks for your help guys couldn't have done it alone n hey ryan got anything to say now!!

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