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Thread: Meet And Greet

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    Meet And Greet

    What do you say to tech at a meet and greet? I am afraid I will be starstruck!!! haha

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    Everything I wanted to say, I forgot to lol Just go in there and have fun.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Antonia

    Everything I wanted to say, I forgot to lol Just go in there and have fun.

    For real. I had hella shit I wanted to say, then got in there and forgot it all. Had fun though

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    Hey man jus be yourself. Techs a real down to earth dude and hes all about his fans. Ive been to 6 tech shows and went to the meet and greet in Missoula, Mt with one of my best bros thats also a technician. I was so stoked to meet him that I jogged up to him and started that last verse that he has on the skatterman snug brim song and was like "waaaait Yaaaates" lol and the motherfucker fed off it and started spittin the rest...."my personas bringin the drama, part of me's osama the other's barack obama"! It was fuckn sick dude. Thats guys the real deal and jus a way cool personable guy. Dont be starstruck man. (even know its hard not to when ur a true fan) Just be yourself and take it in. Its a cool experience and unique so dont be nervous jus enjoy. I know me and my boy will never forget that experience and show. Anyhow, have fun cause its bad ass!

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    Oh another cool thing about that experience was how he shakes your hand and looks you in the eye and tells you that he'll never let you down. Some real shit for sure.

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    just met him an hour ago!!!!!!!!! awesome! Good experience... madchild is dope too

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    Tech is the best...treats all of us like gold. He deserves all the fame and money he gets. There aren't any other artists on his level that are so sincere and real...but he is also one of the shortest guy you will ever meet

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