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Thread: Peep Out My Tracks, REAL SHIT

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    Peep Out My Tracks, REAL SHIT

    Wutup y'all, some of you done hearda me, I spit some shit in that strange competition a few months ago, but now I really wanted to put up some shit for y'all to peep and gimme some feedback on. Ain't no waste of time, I make quality shit, and all of its heart felt. Except for the beat composition, I do all of the mixing, editing, and production myself. Kollage is my group comprised of FB3 and myself, BMC. FreddyB (FB3) makes most my beats, and now I got him MCin on most the tracks...he the homie with a deeper voice.

    I put 3 tracks up for download, but what I really want is for you to click on my page and listen to what I have posted there. 3 tracks just ain't enough...
    Brief Descriptions:
    BMC - St. Knockalous: Recorded about a year ago, in hopes to be on the album Rehabilitation before the project got put on hold. Beat by J. Knotty

    Kollage - Unidentified: Another one recorded a while ago, featuring FB3. Track is unfinished but so dope it's worth posting. Beat by FB3

    BMC - Strange Competition: Track I submitted over the Mr. Giggles beat for the first round of the Strange Competition...don't remember who made the beat, my bad yo.

    But on the real, go to my page and listen to all the songs. Most the tracks are off Sea City, album we recorded in Hollywood a couple years ago, me and FB3 when Kollage was "The Elements." If you an MC you'll know wasup, and I'll return the favor by checkin yo shit out too. Shit's beautiful, much love to everybody.

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    Bump. Click on my name, go to my Tech N9ne page, listen away...or download a few mp3s right here. OPEN YOUR MIND
    Strange Music Competition
    St. Knockalous

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    well listened to the tracks on ur page and honestly i liked em i like both a yall voices but like a comment on ur page tha intros are too long but i think yall can flow and it sounds good

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    i liked 4 songs on ur profile

    st. knockalous
    yes no, maybe so
    wheres ya head
    evil city

    love ur rhymes

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    Good looks y'all, much love

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