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Thread: K.O.D. Addicts Anonymous

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    K.O.D. Addicts Anonymous

    My name is Oliver Klaushoff & I'm a K.O.D. addict. I can't stop listening to this album because it's loaded with the darkest, most hardcore and most addictive beats. K.O.D. has killed all my urges to listen to anything but Tech N9ne.

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    I'm Steve, and I've been an alcoholic for eighteen years..... oops wrong forum. KOD is bomb though, I can't stop playn that shit. and it makes me wanna go to anghellic... so it's just back and forth.... up n down... ... yah.

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    Hi I'm Cole and I can proudly say I've been K.O.D. clean for 3 hours

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    You heathen.

    Quote Originally Posted by Cole Payan
    Hi I'm Cole and I can proudly say I've been K.O.D. clean for 3 hours

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    Hi my name is Trevor, I'm 19 years old, and have been a KOD addict for 2 weeks now. The only time I take a break from KOD is when I am sleeping, eating, or watching some TV. Even in the shower I take my portable stereo and put the cd in. As of now I am listening to FUN.

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    High. I'm Devon...
    I like long walks in junkyards.
    Taming my mullet, drinkin beer,
    Watchinnn nascarrr...
    Oh this aint the ifieds, wtf.

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    uhm i reallt dont know how... be strong be strong..... i too am a kod addict "the kids with the sickness been waitin for this shit"

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    "I used to suck dick for coke, thats an addiction"

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    K.O.D. has killed all my urges to listen to even any other tech songs. i have only listened to "you dont want it" and "nothin" since the release

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    hello my name is ace. i have been listening to kod sense it came out. although, it has been very easy to do so thanks to the flu. oh well. either way. point is i been bumping the sickest cd ever to hit a shelf in best buy. tech n9ne for life. not really into religion tho so "show me a god" is still rly hard but umm..yea... thanks tech for the best cd i ever bumped!

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