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Thread: Tech N9ne Debuts In Top 20, Rick Ross' Crew Fail to Break Top 40

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    Tech N9ne Debuts In Top 20, Rick Ross' Crew Fail to Break Top 40

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    Indie favorite Tech N9ne continues to prove that he has a solid underground fan base. The Kansas City, Missouri MC debuted at no. 14 on the Billboard 200 and according to this week's Nielsen SoundScan report. K.O.D.-his ninth solo album-managed to sell 29,900 units.

    Another new hip-hop addition to the charts this week is Rick Ross' group Triple C's. Their debut album, Custom Cars and Cycles, landed at the no. 44 position, selling 12,000 copies of their CD.

    Jay-Z fell six spots to no. 10 this go 'round. The Brooklyn legend's latest opus, The Blueprint 3, added another 40,800 units to its overall tally. After about two months, BP3 has moved 1,200,100 units.

    The seemingly unstoppable Black Eyed Peas also slid down the charts this week, landing at no. 13. The E.N.D. still managed to scoop up 30,200 in numbers, bringing their 21 week total to 1,300,000.

    Just making it into the top 40 this week is Drake. Consumers bagged up 13,300 copies of his So Far Gone EP this sales cycle. The T. Dot rep has sold 210,700 after seven weeks on the charts.

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    Rick Ross is gay.

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    Top 40 is reserved for GAY music.

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    I just checked the billboard top 200 and k.o.d. isnt on there yet.

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    sold like 33,000 brah.

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    we need to get inside the top 5... on the real

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    Really number 14, that's damn good.

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