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    i actually knew who kaliko was before tech
    cause my sister boyfriend said this is tha new shit(vitiligo) and i went on to listen to it for like a month without checking out tech then i heard my sisters boyfriend playing the song imma tell and im like who is that and he said tech n9ne (he also told me to tell anyone that said there was someone who rapped faster than tech to slap them) so i went back home and downloaded like a hundred tech songs of limewire nd i was hooked. WHATS UR STORY oF HOW YOU GOT INTO TECH N9NE

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    Feb 2009
    I bought Anghellic on an impulse. Then listened to Absolute Power on his site and have been hooked ever since. I been listening about 7 years.

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    hittin the bong and was listening to the green book and the song he did with twiztid, i had heard a lil bout him b4 but not too much went and picked up the album absolute power and my life was changed forever

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    lol....i was watching Americas Best Dance Crew and heard Earthquake....went online n searched him up...then ran into Broken Chains n is History

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    I was sittin at this park, waitin to do some business...if you get what I'm sayin...and my business partner had his head phones in. I heard the song playin through his headphones, and it caught my attention cause all I heard was the backwards hook of Imma Tell. I asked him who it was, he said...Tech N9ne bitch. Lol. So after that we went to Fred Myers with our newly acquired income, and got a copy of both Anghellic and Absolute Power. That was 4 years ago. Been bumpin Strange Music ever since.

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    I heard him on back in 2002 and it was the same day Absolute Power came out and been listenin to him since. A lil over 7 years.

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    I saw Tech in a issue of MurderDog breakin down the concept behind "Everready". I bought the album and have since went back and gotten all his other albums up thru K.O.D.

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    My buddy told me to listen to this crazy song he had found on the internet, (EINSTEIN), I was blown away. I looked into him and ended up with a shitty burn of Calm Before the Storm. It didnt have all the songs or anything but it was enough for me. Two weeks after I heard him he was in Indy. So I went. His live show is what changed my life, and my Idea of a good rapper.

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    i kept hearing bout tech,so i hopped on itunes and downloaded two songs to see if i liked his shit. I got t9x and Bout to Bubble,i listened to t9x and then i forgot about bout to bubble. then the next day i was mowing my lawn and jammin to sum tunes when bout to bubble come on and im all like "what is this?this is the shit!!!" lol so after i was all done in the yard i went inside and spent the rest of my itunes money on tech songs and ive been hooked since

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